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HOMEBANK, formerly known as Palmyra State Bank, was opened in 1934. Rising from the ashes of the great Depression, it became the banking leader in Marion County by providing complete financial services to its citizens and actively supporting the area’s agricultural community, commercial business and customers with a wide variety of lending, investment and account options.

Today there are four locations to serve customers where decisions are made locally. The main bank originally resided in the 200 block of South Main and in 1980 moved to its current location of 400 South Main. The West Quincy branch opened in 1971, and suffered from the flood of 1993. After a complete remodel it reopened for business and is still open today. The Hannibal branch, originally located on Highway 36 opened in 1997 and was moved to a newly constructed building at the intersection of Highways 36 and 61 in 2006. In the fall of 2014 HOMEBANK expanded again and opened its newest branch in Centralia, MO.

HOMEBANK continues the Palmyra State Bank tradition of strength and service and its dedication to ‘the good people of Palmyra and vicinity’ will endure into the future.