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Consumer Solutions

With a wide variety of consumer solutions, we are sure to find what’s right for you.

Visa Debit Card

Money is taken directly out of your checking account when you use your VISA debit card, but you have the convenience of using the VISA network. These cards are accepted anywhere the VISA logo is displayed.

To report a lost or stolen card, please call 1-800-264-4274 option 3 or click here for more information.

24 Hour Telephone Access

By calling toll free (877) 965-7788, you can access your accounts, check balances, make transfers, verify posted checks or check rates.

Online Banking

View account balances and look at transaction history, schedule transfers, and export data anytime of the day when it’s convenient for you.

Online Bill Payment

When you sign up for this service, you never have to worry about stamps, envelopes or wasted time paying bills again. Avoid ordering costly checks by letting our bill pay system automate your bills for you. Set-up and schedule bills, or track single, future or recurring payments.


Receive your monthly bank statement securely through Online Banking. This eliminates the danger of your bank statement being lost in mail or someone removing it from your mailbox. You can sign up for this service through Online Banking for any of your accounts.

ATM Access

Free ATM access at all HOMEBANK and Bank of Quincy ATM locations.

Credit Cards

HOMEBANK is pleased to offer MasterCard Credit Cards! This card carries no annual fee, and a low variable APR (annual percentage rate), as well as earning reward points. To apply, click here.

Direct Deposit

Enjoy peace of mind with automatic deposit of your Social Security, retirement, or payroll checks. After initial setup, funds will be deposited directly to your account. This service is available at no charge.


Your preauthorized ACH debit such as life insurance premiums, utilities, monthly computer service charges, or other bills can be paid directly from your account. For our business customers, options include ACH collection of membership dues, fees or disbursement of your company's payroll.


HOMEBANK can wire money almost anywhere in the world. We also accept incoming wires for deposit into your account. Additional fees may apply.

Safeline Checking

This overdraft protection (Credit Qualified) can be added to any checking account for a fee of $10.00 annually and a $5.00 charge per transfer.

Safe Deposit Boxes

We have safe deposit boxes to store your important papers and valuables, with the peace of mind that they will be secure. Box sizes range from a 2x5 inch box for storing small items and documents, to a 15x11 inch chest style box for storing those larger valuables.

Rainy Day Savings

It's an easy way to save without even thinking about it. HOMEBANK does the work for you. When you use your debit card, round up the purchase amount recorded in your checkbook register to an even dollar amount and the change will roll into your savings account or any other checking account here at HOMEBANK.