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When it comes to checking accounts, you have a number of options with HOMEBANK. Let us help find the right account for you!

Non-Interest Bearing Checking Accounts


The Value account is HOMEBANK’s basic checking account for those customers with few transactions. After an opening deposit of $50, Value customers may make up to 25 debits (withdrawal, check paid, automatic transfer or payment out of this account) per statement cycle. If you exceed 25 debits there is a $.25 fee that will be charged for each debit transaction exceeding 25 during the statement cycle.


Customers interested in opening an E-Plus account must do so with at least $100. A monthly service fee of $7 can be avoided if the required minimum balance of $100 is met. This account offers a free debit card at account opening.

Student Checking Account1

To open this account, an initial deposit of $50 and a valid student ID card is required. If under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must be a joint owner on the account. You will receive your first ATM/Visa® debit card and first box of checks free! Upon graduation date, the minimum balance will no longer be waived. This account offers a free debit card at account opening.

Senior Checking Account (Over 60 years of age)

To open this account, a deposit of $100 is required. A monthly maintenance fee of $7.00 will be imposed every statement cycle if the balance in the account falls below $100 any day of the cycle. This account offers a free debit card at account opening.

Health Savings Account

To open HOMEBANK’s Health Savings Account, you must have a qualified health insurance plan. This account requires a deposit of $50.00 to open and obtain the annual percentage yield. A $3.00 maintenance fee service will assessed monthly on the account. Additional services include a VISA Debit Card/ATM card for no charge at account opening, and use of Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and our 24 hour access line.

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Interest Bearing Checking Accounts

E-Preferred/Preferred Now1

After an opening deposit of $500, customers must maintain a minimum balance of at least $500 in an E-Preferred/Preferred NOW account to avoid a $10 monthly service fee. This account offers a free debit card at account opening.


With an E-Premier account, customers can enjoy the benefits of a high interest-earning checking account. A $50 opening deposit is required. Customers need only to maintain a balance of $0.01 to earn the Annual Percentage Yield. To reap the benefits of the E-Premier account, customers must make 10 Visa® debit card purchases per month and must have at least one direct deposit or automatic payment post per month.

E-Money1/Money Market1

E-Money/Money Market accounts require at least $2,500 at opening. The tiered rate structure offers customers a variety of interest rates, but a $2,500 minimum balance is required to earn the APY and to avoid a $15 monthly service fee. The E-Money/Money Market accounts also allow for up to six transfers to a third party per month.

1E-Accounts require customers to register for Online Banking and receive E-Statements. Failure to do so results in a $5 monthly service fee. 2 If primary owner is under the age of 18, minimum opening deposit and balance requirement are reduced to $10; fees are waived until age 18. If a full-time student and bank is notified of status, balance requirement will remain lowered on a year-by-year basis. 3 If you choose to have Internet Banking and receive Online Statements, the minimum balance service charge will be waived.
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Personal Savings Accounts

Start saving your money today! HOMEBANK offers a wide variety of personal savings accounts. Let us find the savings account tailored for you!


HOMEBANK’s most Basic savings account requires a $50 deposit to open. A $2 monthly service fee will be applied if the account balance falls below $50. Customers are allowed to make up to six withdrawals and six transfers to a third party per month.


After an opening deposit of $500, Supreme customers must maintain a minimum balance of $500 to avoid a $2 monthly service fee. Supreme savings accounts are allowed six withdrawals and six transfers to a third party per month.

Christmas Club

HOMEBANK’s Christmas Club Savings Account is a unique product that allows customers to tuck money away throughout the year at a higher interest rate. In the third week of October and just in time for Christmas shopping, Christmas Club savers are cut a check for the balance of their account to spend however they see fit. A $5 minimum deposit is required to open this account.